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Sr. Database Engineer

Dayton, OH

Full Time

Position Summary 

The Database Engineer (DBE) needs a thorough understanding of relational database theory and practice, along with in-depth knowledge of data systems and database methodology, design and modeling. This individual must be analytical and adept at problem solving, can strategically design and implement production databases, and provide support for specific applications. The DBE focuses on the logical and physical aspects of the database and application data contained within. They are responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing database policies and procedures to ensure the integrity of data. The Database Engineer will also monitor and ensure system performance issues do not arise due to database related issues.  The database engineer is a person who can bridge the gaps and interact with the other portions of IT. A DBE is someone who can communicate on both a technical level and a business level. They must be able to partner with the infrastructure team, the application development team and the information management team.



Database Architecture, Design and Implementation

The DBE is responsible for the architecture, design and implementation of database systems and components in support of information management goals. This includes the database and data life cycle. It includes understanding and applying the science and art of data modeling practiced via modern methods, tools and interfaces. The DBE is involved in gathering business requirements, logical modeling, physical modeling, implementing the model and maintaining the model. 


Data Availability, Control, Governance and Integrity

The DBE, in partnership with the data owner, is responsible for the accessibility, availability and integrity of the database and data. The DBE is responsible for defining and implementing the appropriate strategy and methods to maintain control and governance of the database and the data, as defined and mandated by the owner. This includes understanding and accounting for all the potential data access interfaces and methods, and ensuring proper security and auditing measures are in place. A critical success factor is identifying, understanding and reconciling the associated business and technical requirements for data and information management.


Data Centric Application Design and Programming

The DBE is responsible for ensuring proper and adequate data centric techniques are used in the design, development and implementation of applications. This includes taking advantage of built in database management system features and functions such as constraints, functions and triggers. The DBE is responsible for understanding and applying the science and art of coding and implementing SQL (DDL, DML and PSM) via modern methods, tools and interfaces. Leading, guiding and reviewing data centric application development is a fundamental task. As appropriate, the DBE is also involved in all aspects of maintaining, modernizing and enhancing existing database applications that are based on DDS, high level language record level access and other non-SQL interfaces.


 Database Performance and Scalability

The DBE is responsible for identifying, understanding, reconciling and meeting the data serving performance and scalability requirements. This includes applying the best practices of indexing, work management and set-at-a-time SQL requests. The DBE is responsible for understanding and applying the science and art of monitoring, analyzing and tuning data access and data processing via modern methods, tools and interfaces. The DBE is involved in planning, sizing and configuring database systems to meet business and technical requirements. This should include the set up and use of prototypes, proofs of concept, proofs of technology and realistic benchmarks.

Competencies for Success

1.      Analytical and Critical Thinking

2.      Complex Problem Solving

3.      Collaboration and Communication

4.      Planning and Organizing

5.      Presentation Skills

6.      Proficient with SQL

7.      Knows the Data



  • Minimum Qualifications

Ø Greater than 2 years related professional experience

Ø Associate’s degree in Computer Science or related field

Ø Similar work experience, technical skills or relevant certification may be considered in place of bachelor's degree; must maintain awareness of changing technology


  • Desired Qualifications

Ø Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field

Ø Certification directly related to computer programming

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